Technology Support Trainer- Boston, MA

Boston, MA
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As a Technology Support Trainer, you will contribute your expertise to providing a variety of software training and application support services to the employees. You will identify training needs of employees via training requests, new technology, analysis, and help desk reports. As the Trainer, you will also be responsible for working with your team to develop and implement effective training programs by using a variety of different tools and software. You will provide support to the office regarding the resolution of desktop, notebook, and remote computing issues. You will identify, troubleshoot, and repair PCs while accomplishing these and other critical tasks:

  • Providing assistance and training to end users for firm-approved applications in a variety of different methods (e.g. classroom, one to one, remote training, and product demo). Software including: Microsoft Office, Outlook, iManage Desksite, Litera Change-Pro, InTapp DTE, ProForma Court Forms, Remote computing (RDS, VDI), Cisco phone software, and other programs as deemed necessary.
  • Working with team members in Technology or other departments to identify training needs, and creating methods for proper instruction. Analyzing an individual's training requests and developing programs to meet those needs. Also developing training programs based on analysis of help desk reports.
  • Preparing training documentation, handouts, outlines, instructions, and other materials as needed.
  • Participating in firm wide training conference calls and/or smaller working groups to prepare for upgrades, writing materials, and learning processes.
  • Creating classes designed to promote learning. Training may be given via classes, demonstrations, or one-on-one training.
  • Coordinating and scheduling all aspects of classes including creating training reports, scheduling conference rooms, providing food, providing audio/visual, sending invitations confirmations and reminders, and keeping record of trainee attendance.
  • Ensuring needed audio/visual equipment is working properly.
  • Working with the Global Technology Training group to ensure consistency of training programs firm-wide.
  • Utilizing the Career Development Center to administer training programs. Coordinating with local office to ensure training programs are communicated.
  • Providing end-user support by answering a support line. Tracking help calls and solutions by creating help desk tickets, and notifying team members when taking an open request and when request is completed.
  • Troubleshooting various document, conversion, or other issues and scans for viruses. Testing, recommending, and applying solutions to technology dilemmas.
  • Participating in planning for and implementation of all other software upgrades. Assisting with office-wide or other upgrades, such as installing software.
  • Working with global and local staff in testing Word templates and new systems or processes as requested.
  • Evaluating and customizing training rollouts in order to meet local office specific needs for new hire training, technology rollout training, or ongoing education. Assisting with office-wide software rollouts or other IT upgrades.
  • Coordinating with other areas / departments of the firm where overlap exists to develop efficient procedures / communications to stream-line processes and satisfy various department needs.
  • Providing support to hardware and software, as well as providing support to printers, Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs), and smart phones including configuring and troubleshooting.
  • Providing assistance to end users for firm-approved applications using a variety of different methods. Those applications include: Microsoft Office, Outlook, iManage, Metadata Cleaning Assistant, Remote Desktop Services, VPN, and other applications as necessary.
  • Performing regular maintenance on PC equipment such as notebook computers, printers, monitors and peripheral hardware.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems involving hardware, systems software, and applications software. Troubleshooting a variety of symptoms in order to diagnose the actual problem.
  • Setting up and configuring computers and printers, initializing and stabilizing performance.
  • Configuring and installing hardware components and software in computers.
  • Providing end-user support by answering the help desk line and Outlook mailbox. Tracking help calls and solutions by creating ServiceNow tickets, and notifying team members when taking and completing an open request.
  • Demonstrating the operations of software to end users.


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