System Engineer-(Minneapolis)

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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POSITION TITLE:        Systems Engineer

DEPARTMENT:           IT

ACCOUNTABLE TO:   Director, IT Security and Infrastructure


Manage the Firm’s Network Server Infrastructure, Storage, Back-Office, and Business Continuity Facilities.  Research, install, analyze, test, and evaluate applications, systems, policies, methodologies, processes, and procedures to ensure that the Firm’s Server Infrastructure and facilities meet the Firm’s expectations and Service Level Agreements for availability, performance, growth, and functionality.


Systems Design / Analysis

  • Mange the Firm’s Server infrastructure.  Interact with the Infrastructure group, Applications group, Support, and the IT management team to collect, analyze,  and document user / business requirements for the Firm’s Back-Office systems and infrastructure.  Evaluate and recommend solutions to IT Architect and management.  Design and Implement all systems with attention to Service Level Agreements, latest technologies, maintainability, cost-effectiveness, Business Continuity, and applicability to the Firm’s business needs.

Technical Resource to the Department

  • Work interactively and proactively with the IT Department at large as an advisor to achieve the Firm’s goals and to ensure the Department’s success on its projects and initiatives.  Counsel the department as a subject expert as part of an integrated strategy to deliver technology to the Firm.
  • Provide general support as required for “all hands” IT projects.
  • Consult with IT at large to promote proper use of the Firm’s servers and Systems  as part of all initiatives
  • Participate in pilot testing and training of new software being evaluated.
  • Provide mentorship and training to other IT staff in areas of expertise.
  • Provide Third Level application support to Help Desk.
  • Assists other IT staff as required to meet Service Level Agreements.
  • Escalates support incidents, internally and externally, in accordance with established procedures.


Computer Room and Server Infrastructure

  • In concert with the Infrastructure team, act as the co-owner of the Firm’s server room, colocation facilities, and other technical areas.  Collaborate with the other engineers to keep the all server room systems professionally configured and well integrated.
  • Manage the Firm’s Back-Office Server Infrastructure (Physical and Virtual).
  • Monitor performance by establishing metrics and measurement techniques.
    •  Install, configure, and maintain tools to monitor the Firms Server Systems.
  •  Promote a program to regularly evaluate the maintainability and reliability of the Firm’s older systems and work with Management to establish a scheduled replacement scheme as servers and other gear age.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive documentation of the Firm’s Back-Office systems, the products that support it, and the applications, users, systems, and protocols that use it.
  • Establish and maintain templates and guidelines for building, naming, and maintaining individual systems as well as documenting the workings of the Firm’s systems as an integrated whole.
  • Collaborate with the other engineers to manage the Firm’s network infrastructure and Internet systems to comply with user expectations, security, and to facilitate the deployment of the Firm’s strategic technology Initiatives.
  • With the Infrastructure Team, build and maintain an isolated set of servers on the test environment suitable to test applications, automation, and system upgrades in an environment that closely matches the Firm’s production environment.
  • Establish and maintain a program of continual improvement of the Firm’s Back-Office infrastructure.  Consider virtualization and cloud technology to be key roles in providing services cost-effectively.
    • Evaluate needs and propose products, solutions, practices, and procedures that enhance the ability of the Firm’s Computer Systems to provide applications and services to the Firm.
  • Keep abreast of new technologies that might improve the Firm’s systems and security.

SANs and Storage

  • Act as the Firm’s primary resource for configuring, managing and operating the Firm’s storage systems.  Build and maintain near expert skills on the Firm’s NetApp SAN systems.
  • Recommend and provide policies and practices that help the Firm utilize its expensive SAN space efficiently while protecting the Firm’s data.
  • Monitor, examine, and evaluate the performance and capacity of the Firm’s storage infrastructure and systems to provide adequate working space and to minimized unplanned downtime due to storage issues.
    • Conduct periodic reviews of the Firm’s storage systems to ensure that the Firm’s has adequate storage capacity to meet anticipated needs.
  • With the Security Engineer, secure the Firm’s servers and back office infrastructure as part of an integrated security system encompassing workstations, systems, servers, and network.  Evaluate the Firm’s practices to develop and promote policies and practices that will protect the Firm’s information assets from threats, theft, or unauthorized access.
  • Work with the other Engineers and the Applications Group to deploy Active Directory policies that help maintain the Firm’s storage environment.
  • Design and implement the Firm storage systems with an eye towards integration with the Firm’s applications and practices.  Include Business continuity as a factor in such designs.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Design, implement, maintain, and improve the Firm’s systems that enable work to be done during planned outages or during unplanned unavailability of the Firm main office.
  •  Help create and then use the Firm’s Disaster recovery plan as a guideline to establish the capabilities and SLA’s of the D/R Site.
    • Monitor network load to establish a baseline and work with the department to determine what applications should be available during a main office outage.
    • Help establish tiers of applications and match the site’s capability to then.  (Systems down, facilities unavailable – but systems up, etc.)
    • Work with IT Architect and Management to develop a tiered recovery plan that takes into account the severity of various problems, the site’s capabilities, the firm’s immediate needs, and the staff’s ability to cope.
  •  Install and maintain the physical components housed at the D/R Site.


  • Develops and maintains a cooperative working relationship with members of the Firm, clients, and other outside contacts.
  • Is able to prioritize workload to accommodate multiple urgent and routine tasks and meets short and/or unpredictable deadlines.
  • Recognizes and communicates emerging trends to IT management in a timely manner.
  • Consistently meets employer expectations including the following:
    • Actively participates in IT department meetings;
    • Maintains current knowledge about IT in general by reading appropriate technical publications and attending classes, webinars, conferences and seminars;
    • Maintains current knowledge about deployed applications by reading appropriate vendor resources, and attending classes, webinars, conferences and seminars;
    • Understands and conforms to Firm policies and procedures;
    • Recognizes and utilizes the Firm’s resources effectively and efficiently.  Develops and maintains a sufficient working knowledge of the organization as a whole.
    • Plans, organizes and carries out assigned job responsibilities within established time parameters.
    • Develops mutual working relationships with supervisor in order to anticipate work needs.
    • Provides accurate and timely communication to appropriate staff and management
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Uses Firm time conscientiously.  Arrives for work on time and does not abuse unplanned time off.
  • Consistently projects a positive, professional attitude and approach to the job, the Firm and co-workers.
  • Consistently exhibits excellent organizational skills.

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