Senior Manager Financial Applications & Project Implementation

San Francisco, California
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The Senior Manager Financial Applications & Project Implementation is responsible for overall resource allocation and workflow management for the Financial Applications & Project Implementation teams including assignment of project responsibilities to project team members and ensuring the use of appropriate standards and methodologies.  The Senior Manager facilitates and leads the Project Portfolio Committee with cross department collaboration, communication and strategy to enable firm to streamline resources and project pipeline for Finance initiatives.  The Senior Manager collaborates with Finance leaders to review business process and implement improvements that could consist of new system features, better integrations, reporting or workflows.  The Senior Manager will interface with vendors for product roadmap, enhancements, customizations, specifications and other topics.  This role works closely with managers, attorneys and staff at all levels of the firm.

Financial Applications Team Management

  1. Provide strong leadership to the Financial Applications team, including coaching and feedback, preparing performance evaluations, participating in compensation decisions and hiring top talent staff.
  2. Implement and develop standardized and replicable work processes, tools, and methodologies within the team to further improve quality and productivity; express and share ideas and build consensus among staff regarding work assignments.
  3. Provide specific guidance and direction to ensure work focus is appropriate and is delivered on time and on budget at the highest quality standards.  Deploy the resources of the team to ensure clients are receiving effective, comprehensive support.  Leverage understanding of Firm goals and long-term strategies align to functional area desired outcomes.
  4. Actively integrate and build Financial Applications Team into an effective client service delivery team; apply innovation in the team’s client service delivery based on detailed client needs assessments.
  5. Manage costs by using the right level resource for a position and outsource where appropriate while maintaining high level client service.
  6. Teach and transfer institutional knowledge to team members on unique MoFo customizations.
  7. Instill cross functional service alignment and goal to other teams goals, priorities, timelines and realities.

Financial Applications Projects

  1. Incorporate project management competences to effectively plan, monitor and deliver high quality application enhancements and / or deployments.
  2. Provide deep application experience and knowledge to consider upstream and downstream impacts of changes to business process and enhancements and application deployment.
  3. Plan, organize and lead the activities and tasks of project team members assigned.  Anticipate and initiate programs to meet long-range business needs with alignment to Firm and Finance strategic objectives.
  4. Update and managing of Financial Applications Project portal to provide information across team members to help communicate and provide information.
  5. Sponsor creation and ongoing management of portal page for software application management to improve cross training and providing detailed information for troubleshooting financial applications.
  6. Mentor project managers to resolve project issues without escalating to steering committee for every decision.
  7. Stay current on application enhancements and recommend improvements to current systems and business process designs.  Develop strategies to address future issues and obstacles.
  8. Implement and develop standardized work processes, tools, and methodologies within the team that improve quality and productivity.
  9. Lead budget preparation for the Financial Systems team for project level work, approval and resource allocation.
  10. Design application rollouts to optimize use of Firm’s resources and economics.  Seek to deliver all projects on time, on budget and with highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  11. Keep management well informed of project progress, roadblocks, financials and customer impact.

Client Service Relationships Management

  1. Interface with other department peers regarding the on-going operations and maintenance of financial applications as well as their involvement in current projects.  Provide expertise to facilitate solutions, teamwork, and seamless client service.
  2. Develop relationships with vendor contacts to help manage application changes that impact Finance Applications Software Roadmap.
  3. Escalate issues when necessary within vendor organization so that team and end users are supported and issues are resolved quickly.
  4. Build relationships with peers at other professional service organizations to share knowledge, business process and innovative solutions to help manage change in legal sector.
  5. Foster Communication with the IT organization to keep departments aligned with technology initiatives.

Ideal Candidate

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Accounting or business experience directly relevant to the job responsibilities.
  2. Ten or more years of experience working with complex accounting software packages; experience with Elite Enterprise a requirement.
  3. Ten or more years of experience working in applications development, preferably in a Microsoft SQL, client/server and web applications environment.
  4. Prior experience managing technical staff in a law firm or professional services firm highly desirable.

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