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Our Los Angeles office has an opening for a Procurement Manager.

The Procurement Manager is responsible for all aspects of software and hardware purchasing, reviewing and negotiating contracts, facilitating the contract review process, and the day to day operations of managing the procurement process, and managing the asset inventory system.

The Procurement Manager will oversee various responsibilities including, but not limited to, develop and maintain a coordinated approach towards procurement and contract management, serve as key advisor to senior management ensuring consistency with the procurement protocol, identify a requirement or need to ensure the cost savings, high quality products and services, and strategize to find cost effective acquisition.  The Procurement Manager is responsible for maintaining and reviewing all records of purchases, including costs, deliveries and inventories, as well as ensuring the timely fulfillment of production components needed by the firm.

In this capacity, the Procurement Manager will:

  • Maintain responsibility for all purchases;
  • Manage day to day operations of the procurement processes, e.g. request, product specifications, order forms, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, purchase order, fully executed contracts, inventory, and vendor files;
  • Manage all business critical purchase agreements for core products and services e.g. Adobe Citrix, Elite, iManage, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.;
  • Develop and administer purchasing standards and procedures that meet all applicable legal requirements, policies and procedures;
  • Manage an accurate inventory of all firm software and hardware assets;
  • Collaborate with key person to ensure clarity of the specifications and expectations of the request;
  • Negotiates prices and terms with a variety of vendors;
  • Support the Cyber Security team for all third party contract related to data protection security and risk management;
  • Determine appropriate contracts for various types of procurement, reviews requisitions/purchase orders and related documents for compliances and completeness;
  • Evaluate and negotiate contract renewals;
  • Develop strategies to end-of-life product lines;
  • Establish a standard procurement strategies for acquisition, receiving and tracking;
  • Maintain and strengthen ongoing relationships with existing suppliers/vendors;
  • Conduct spend analysis, generate various procurement reports, and financial reports for the Director of IT Office, Executive Director and Chief Administration;
  • Drive continuous improvement in all aspects of the procurement process;
  • Develop and implement a purchasing strategies;
  • Develop policies and procedures for procurement governance;
  • Establish a comprehensive requirements for the implementation of the Firm’s procurement system; and
  • Implement a firm-wide procurement system.


  • Expert knowledge of procurement process with at least 10 years of procurement management experience;
  • Expert knowledge of contract negotiation with at least 10 years of negotiation experience;
  • Advanced knowledge of purchasing software and tools;
  • Advanced knowledge of customer service practices and philosophy, in addition to being positive, confident, highly motivated and portraying good team ethics;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • At least 5 years of asset and inventory control experience; and
  • At least 5 years of experience in a professional services or legal environment (preferred).


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