Practice Support Project Manager-NC

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Practice Support Project Manager Department:  

Practice Support      


Overall Objective of the Position: This position supports the Practice Support department with analytical thinking and complex technical legal practice through application development, validation management, workflow analysis, project management and attorney training. The focus of this position is utilizing and creating best practices, handling complex legal matters and furthering the mission of Practice Support within the firm and abroad.


Firm-Wide Essential Functions and Job Responsibilities:

  ·         Maintain mastery of skills with all firm technology used at the firm and further develop nuances and better users within firm technology

·         Assist others in practice support with the creation of written best practice guidelines, work flows, and forms to apply within the department or in case/deal management.

·         Develop workflows and modifications for firm-wide use in document review software and case management software (e.g. document preservation and document production spreadsheets)

·         Train attorneys, paralegals and staff on case management tools and other technology as well as best practices in leveraging technology for the most efficient practice of law

·         Work with the director of practice support to develop and run annual training for newly assigned litigation attorneys on firm processes and available tools

·         Present e-discovery updates and new litigation tools to litigation department at monthly meetings as appropriate

·         Present corporate technology updates and new corporate technology tools to corporate department at monthly meetings as appropriate

·         Maintain firm documentation of all ESI received from clients and copies of all outgoing ESI from the firm.

·         Closely monitors project/case status and provides routine status reports including task completion reports and data delivery schedules

·         Handle destructions and archival of all client matter data under firm retention policy guidelines.

·         The position is responsible for providing consulting and project management services in support of all practice groups.

·         The position will serve as the single point of contact for members of the legal team, other internal firm resources, and third-party vendors that have been engaged to provide electronic discovery, trial support, and related services.

·         Specific areas of responsibility include: providing consulting services to legal teams; gathering and analyzing project requirements; preparing written project plans for client approval; managing the approved project plan with respect to budget, schedule, and the quality and timeliness of all deliverables; managing external providers of the practice support department and related services; design and administration of firm applications

·         Owing to the extensive consulting and project management experience required to function effectively in the position, the Project Manager will be assigned, and will be expected to manage effectively, the most demanding and complex among the matters supported by Practice Support

·         Provide in-house consulting services to all firm practices with respect to the use of technology to provide more efficient practice of law.

·         Provide education and guidance to lawyers and paralegals with respect to firm technologies, best practices, and benefits and risks.

·         Prepare comprehensive project plans to meet matter requirements throughout the case/deal lifecycle, including those pertaining to specific legal points

·         Manage and oversee the implementation of project plans within budget and schedule constraints and report regularly to the legal team with respect to actual versus projected costs and schedule milestones.

·         Interface with IT personnel to ensure data integrity, security, and access.

·         Assess trial support requirements and utilize a mix of in-house and external resources to satisfy these requirements.

·         Assist with the in-firm marketing of the Practice Support capabilities and services and in the assessment and implementation of new technologies, practices, and products.

·         Track and record all time worked contemporaneously and accurately.

·         Knowledge of presentation technology available in the market and consideration of which are best-suited for use at the firm

·         Knowledge of presentation best practices

·         Stay current with law and technology advances in electronic discovery and all other practice group functions

·         Other Duties as assigned


Qualifications: ·         Able to handle stress and high-pressure situations

·         Project and Task Management: manages the implementation of projects and tasks in a timely and directed manner; plans, designs and executes projects or tasks with well-defined objectives and outcomes; determines appropriate implementation strategies, tools and technologies; adapts to changing work priorities and workplace practices; establishes priorities to meet deadlines; carries out multiple tasks or projects.

·         Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: recognizes problems or situations that are new or without clear precedent; evaluates alternatives and find solutions using a systematic, multi-step approach; develops improvements and innovations to enhance performance. Able to prioritize tasks and perform under tight deadlines

·         Impeccable communication and organizational skills: excellence in both written and oral communications whether in person, on the phone, or email; able to prioritize and multitask in a fast paced environment with tight deadlines; able to organize self and work environment for efficiency and ready access to critical information

·         Extreme attention to detail is required

·         Mastery in a broad variety of information technology software systems including but not limited to: CaseMap, TextMap, Relativity, Eclipse SE, Legal Anywhere, DocuSign,  ECapture.

·         Ability to effectively troubleshoot, (quickly identify problem areas or situations, evaluate probable causes) and take appropriate action to resolve issues

·         Customer service attitude towards all staff including attorneys, paralegals and assistants when asked to help out with a matter or perform a specific task in any department

·         Ability to provide technology training to individuals or groups, to continually learn and provide instruction of a variety of software applications

·         Not easily intimidated/fearful of asking questions of a superior or attorney. Able to diplomatically point out when either is incorrect in their assessments of situations.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in related field of study or equivalent relevant experience.
  2. Minimum of five years of litigation/practice support experience in a law firm OR a minimum of seven years of project management with a vendor of legal services.
  3. Knowledge of electronic discovery benefits and risks, methodologies and practices, technologies, tools and products.
  4. Complete understanding of Electronic Discovery guidelines, including preservation, collection, processing and production protocol and ability to apply them to complex litigation cases
  5. Understanding about how corporate deals work and how a deal process gets done. Ability to apply different types of technology to assist the corporate practice.
  6. Ability to organize and prioritize numerous tasks and complete them under time constraints. Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail when evaluating legal matters.
  7. Ability to proofread typed material for contextual, grammatical, typographical or spelling errors.
  8. Interpersonal skills necessary in order to communicate in person, by e-mail and telephone and follow instructions effectively from a diverse group of clients, attorneys and staff and provide information with ordinary courtesy and tact.
  9. Work occasionally requires more than 37.5 hours per week to perform the essential duties of the position; may require irregular hours.
  10. Ability to operate standard office equipment such as computers and photocopiers.
  11. Ability to travel to private and public buildings, locally and statewide, via private or public conveyance to assist attorneys in attending to client needs on legal matters.



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