Information Governance Identity and Access Manager-Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California
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Information Governance Identity and Access Manager


As the Information Governance Identity and Access Manager at the firm, you will be responsible for managing policies that govern data permissions and how information is accessed and secure. You will oversee the automated and manual provisioning and de-provisioning of access to data and data repositories. You will assist in the selection and implementation of IAM systems and privileged access management tools. You are also responsible for assisting with developing, implementing and maintaining firm-wide and departmental policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines related to identity and access management. You will ensure that permissions are applied correctly and that data is stored in the appropriate locations. In addition, you will be responsible for tailoring security and access solutions to meet particular client, legal or ethical requirements. You will possess thorough knowledge of how the firm manages electronic data and exercise judgment in handling exception requests while accomplishing these and other critical functions:


  • Designing, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting of the organization's identity and access management control systems and execution of the firm’s data management policies
  • Advising on organization of Microsoft Active Directory users, groups and containers and assisting in troubleshooting issues related to account management
  • Managing and maintaining all activities revolving around user provisioning, de-provisioning, user entitlement and functional reviews as per established policies, standards and procedures
  • Developing and maintaining policies, standards and procedures revolving around permissions, security groups and methods for gaining access to information
  • Overseeing the administration of security groups, emailing distribution lists and documenting access through Active Directory, iManage Security Policy Manager and other applicable tools; developing workflows, approval processes and exception handling for non-standard accounts, access and/or restricted data volumes
  • Assisting in the design of new data volumes to comply with client, legal and/or other requirements; working with members of the Information Security and Servers and Storage teams on these endeavors
  • Updating and resolving request tickets and ensuring timely settlement of assigned user requests and issues as outlined by service level agreements
  • Identifying and implementing best practices for privileged account management, accessing requests and registration, and accessing account attestation that are consistent with the culture of the firm and meet the requirements of our clients
  • Assisting customers in identifying and/or troubleshooting data access problems
  • Developing reports and implementing monitoring processes; in conjunction with the Enterprise Monitoring team, revolving around access controls
  • Developing policies for data and permissions management
  • Conducting audits to ensure data management policies, standards and procedures are followed and that data is appropriately secured and stored in the correct location; routinely auditing special access systems and/or restricted data to guarantee access as appropriately assigned
  • Assisting in the evaluation of tools to assist with Active Directory management
  • Working with internal and external audit groups to ensure information security requirements are met and assisting with performing periodic risk assessments
  • Working collaboratively where overlap exists to support the consensus-based culture of the firm; maintaining interactive relationships with members of the Information Governance, Security & Risk Management, and Infrastructure teams to ensure goals are understood; where conflict exists, facilitating discussion to achieve an appropriate and balanced result
  • Participating in change management meetings and processes
  • Identifying security concerns and raising to senior staff for remediation
  • Supervising, training and coaching team members and leading them in their professional development endeavors
  • Ensuring goals and objectives of the team are met; leading team toward accurate and timely completion of assignments and responses to inquiries; ensuring that all tasks and duties are completed within the firm’s set guidelines and policies
  • Supervising shift activities, work flow and daily functions of the team
  • Participating in negotiation of vendor contracts and agreements; making reasonable equipment purchases
  • Working with the Director of Information Governance and other department leaders to develop firm-wide internal policies, procedures, guidelines and best practices with respect to access and identity management issues
  • Keeping abreast of new technologies; reviewing appropriate periodicals and journals; working with the Director of Information Governance and other personnel to assess training and development needs
  • Making recommendations to the Director of Information Governance and the Human Resources department in the hiring, training, counseling and disciplining of departmental employees; contributing to performance evaluations for departmental employees and recommend salary increases
  • Completing projects on various issues when needed
  • Promoting effective work practices, working as a team member, and showing respect for co-workers


As the Information Governance Identity and Access Manager, you will be expected to apply your organizational and communication skills while displaying a positive, high-energy attitude. The successful Information Governance Identity and Access Manager must have knowledge of storage platforms, replication protocols, and a wide variety of software programs as well the ability to think creatively and supervise the work of others to ensure compliance and accuracy. This position requires prior supervisory/management experience, preferably in Active Directory Federation Services, Group Policy Objects and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Knowledge of NTFS file permissions and Distributed File Systems (DFS), required. The Manager must be well-versed with following processes: New Hire On-Boarding, Employee Off-Boarding, Department Transfers, Access Remediation, and Privileged Access. A demonstrated ability to think creatively and provide strategic support to management is desired.


A Bachelor’s degree is required. Six (6) years of relevant experience with Active Directory and some experience with networking is desired. Four (4) years of experience implementing and administering policies and procedures is desired. Three (3) years of supervisory experience is preferred.



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